Tuesday, February 22, 2005

In Search of WiFi

I called up J~ and thanked him profusely for his 'timely' warning, and ask him for another favour. All the WiFi zones,in the nation's best 'E-Enabled' airport, charge a small fee for their service,an unaffordable 10$ an hour.So J~ finds out that there's this hotel close by which has wiFi zones in its lobbies,and more importantly, its free. Now, thats cool, free WiFi => I can burn a couple of hours easily, and try and get some work done.

So I checked with the Information counter as to how to get there, and was extremely happy when they told me that there was a free shuttle service to the hotel. They casually asked me if I had a reservation there.I put on my poker face,and replied 'Yes,Ofcourse'. (C'mon it isnt all that big a lie!!)

I get out of the airport, see the shuttle, get there and let the handler load my stuff. I'm quite happy at this new devlopment, get in to the bus and find a comfortable seat. That the bus was packed with 'Gentlemen' and 'Ladies', and not dishevelled young grad students didnt bother me one bit. I was a man on a mission. Nothing could stop me!!!Well, almost!!

Little did I know, that this was 'complimentary' shuttle for guests with reservations. So I was 'plesantly surprised' when the handler came in and asked everybody to sign off with their reservations. I had to escape, and that I did!!.

I walked up to the handler, put on my poker face again, and asked
'This goes to the Hilton, right?'..
H - ' No, to the Double Tree, Sir, you're on the wrong bus'..
M - 'Oh No! I think I made a mistake, I need to go to the Hilton, I have a reservation there'.
H - 'No problem, let me get your stuff, and hey!!dont worry!!this happens all the time here'.

For a minute I was confused, what happens all the time here?.People trying to sneak in to star hotels ?.The kind fellow not only got my stuff out,but also gave me directions,and described the 'Blue and white' striped Hilton bus.I guess he had a feeling I couldnt read all that well !! I thanked him profusely, walked in the direction to which he'd pointed till I was out of his sight, and then got in to the airport again.

So much for WiFi, and thanks again J~ for the (in)complete Information. Boy!!I love Atlanta!!


Blogger Sagnik Nandy said...

Hey, very well written! Very entertaining

3:24 AM  
Blogger Suki said...

@Shaggy - Thank you!!

2:26 PM  

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