Monday, February 21, 2005

The WeatherMan Strikes!!

Here I'am stuck in America's busiest/most expensive airport, Atlanta Intl airport. The flights take-off and land, but the passengers stay put on the ground. No wonder its busy!!. It all started when I wished J~ well, late last night. Its close to midnight, and J~'s busy trying to predict the next 'solar flare from his 'multi-purpose' lab in the basement.(The janitor also stores his supplies there!!). Solar flares, as he'd explained, affect satellites. Now that is really important research, because without satellites, there is no 'satellite' TV!!. And for a TV addicts,(like me), thats armageddon!!

I'm for sciectific research and the betterment of manhood, So to encourage him and to better understand the importance of his research I pose an innocous question.

'Hey J~, do you see any 'solar flares' coming up tommorrow morning?, I have a flight to catch. Let me know, so I can put some sun-tan on'.

J~. misinterprets my intentions, and replies
'Yeah, I see one, and U'll burn in your flight tomorrow.'.

He couldn't have put it better.My flight from Texas, takes off late, and sometime later, the captain reports that

'Due to bad weather conditions in Atlanta, we'll be flying over Atlanta for an indefinite period of time'.

While I was flying over Atlanta, my connecting flight takes off without me(Yeah!!I'm important, I paid for the ticket). And BURN i did.I've been waiting here for the next available flight for the last 12 hours.

Thanks J~ for the warning, I atleast got my sun-tan on.

PS: I just checked, and the flight that I'm supposed to take ,is delayed by 2 more hours, thanks to bad weather again. This time, its at the place where the flight is coming from!!Brilliant!!

1. Never question/doubt/ridicule the importance of the research carried out by a graduate student.
2. Delta WILL GO bankrupt.


Blogger Vasu said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your stay at the Atl time if I get lost somewhere in the terminals, will call you up to get directions !!!

btw, did u mean sunscreen lotion or sun tan lotion...? i dont know if you want to get tanned anymore...

8:37 AM  
Blogger Suki said...

It IS Sun tan, I'm going for the Indo-latino blend. That should improve my chances around here :).

2:28 PM  

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