Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Why do I do the things that I do?

Oh Why?

1.A certain activity which I indulge in is a total waste of time, But everything I do, ultimately centers around that .

2.I know my priorities are mixed up, but in the last six years, I havent done anything about it.

3.The more purposeful something is, the farther I am from it.

4.Focus and Commitment are some things that I admire in others, but I have so conditioned myself to remain unfocussed and uncommited.

5.I have a particular 'weakness'. and I let it DOMINATE my life.

6.My greatest enemy is "me" and I love my Enemy, atleast for the ideas it gives me

7.The biggest decisions in my life have been made without much thought. Infact, I've put more thought in selecting the movie I want to watch than in making these decisions.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Dumpster Day!!

You have something for me?

Come Weekends, and even the laziest Grad Student wants to take a walk down the street!!. Not that Romance is in the air but its 'Dumpster Day'.The day when people throw out stuff which they don't want anymore. But be advised - What they don't want, We'd love to possess. From Televisions to Lampshades,and from dressers to Book Shelves, U'll find it all in the streets. Ofcourse, not in prime shape but neverthless, VERY Usable.And hey!!Now don't feel shy to pick up stuff which you like!!. It's more like a garage sale, except for the fact that you get it for free.There was this once when I picked up a superb Book Shelf, and a Lady driving a Porsce stopped by and asked me if It was mine, and if I was planning to sell it :). She was quite disappointed when I told her the story, and said,"I'm glad that somebody's using it, I wouldnt throw that away..its awesome"...Dumpster, a concept appreciated by every grad student eh?.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Hermit

Jaggi a.k.a the Tam Rascal a.k.a the eternal Phd. student
Jaggi is doing his Phd. in Aerospace Engineering and hopes to get done sometime around 2036 considering the rate at which he is working.He is also a wannabe Jimmy Hendrix who spoilt my sleep on all weekends starting his long hours of guitar playing at 6.30 A.M in the morning! The only good side to that was we got a lot of change from the residents of Willowtree coz they thought someone was begging inside.(Yeah! Much needed change for my laundry..hehe) Actually Jaggi isnt all that bad! He makes the best Rasam and Avial and Potato Curry I have ever eaten and was definitely a great roomie.And inspite of the demoralizing start to his guitar career am sure he will come up one day to become atleast the lead guitarist for his favourite singer,the lovely Leann Rimes

PS: I pillaged this from Sid's page -

Couldnt resist putting up somethin about Jaggi!!..Oh BTW, thats him striking the hermit!!

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