Monday, October 10, 2005

Football Therapy!!

Ah!!Yes, the blog !!!...It's been a while since I visited the blog world. Lots of things have changed at my end. And I've grown wiser with every change(or so I think).

Speaking of changes, I've been completely cured of my 'earlier' addiction. To get rid of my addiction I followed a strict TV regimen.

My "TV Regimen" included the following tenets.
-> One shouldn't watch TV all the time
Sounded fair, So i went out and got the season ticket to the Gophers Football game(s).
-> One should indulge in some exciting TV prgms once a week.
Exciting TV pgms?Hmm..the two things that I know to be classfied in America as exciting tv pgms in Americs are reality shows and Football. I can't stand the former so i opted for the latter.
-> Add a bit of this 'excitement' to your everyday life, and you'd be happy forever
As farfetched as it sounded, it was still worth a shot. So i join this Fantasy football league, and decided to put my managerial skills in to action.

I called this 'Football Therapy'.It worked marvelously, and I no longer care what becker had for breakfast this morning or what seinfeld did last evening.Now I go for the games on Saturday, watch the National Football league on Sunday, and work on my fantasy football team everyday.

The Physicist in me says " Addictions can neither be created not be destroyed, they can only be
transformed from one form to another"!!So it begins........

And yes!!.I'm at the bottom of the league...:(.........


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