Monday, January 09, 2006

On Missed Signs....

Roadtrips are a lot of fun. Get a bunch of your buddies together, rent a car, get a map, have a vague idea of which direction you want to go, and you're all set. I've gone on quite a few roadtrips but the most memorable ones have been those in which V~ has figured. v~ is this incredible chap who has this uncanny ability of coming up with THE defining moment(s) of the trip. We eagerly await these moments and he never disappoints. This is what happened the last time around......

We were driving up to SanFranciso from LosAngeles. As always we'd started as late as possible and decided to forgo the preferred scenic route, and take the 'straight'(Yes!!it truly was straight) road up to San Fran. Me, J~ and M~ were in a convertible, while P~, v~ and Poo~ were in the SUV with P~ driving and V~ navigating. About a 100 miles north of Los Angelels, was this "big" split in th highway with one road going up to Fresno/Bakersfield and the other going to SanFran/Sacremento(Where we were heading). There were signs all over the place giving directions, and we easily took the road leading up to SanFran. Five miles down that road, we get a call from V~,

V~ : Hey guys, did you notice that the road divided up, and only one went up to SanFran?
M~ : Ofcourse we did, and we are on the correct road, why do you ask?
V~ : Er...We missed it and we're driving towards Fresno now...
ALL OF US ~: Whaaaaattt???.You were the navigator, how could you miss that sign??.
V~ : Er..I was busy clicking pictures..
M~ : Of what?
V~ : Nothing in particular, I took some of the hills, roads, and some signs.

All right,so you miss some exits, big deal!!. It happens to everyone. But no,it doesnt end there.A couple of hours later, we stopped for a break, and V~ and the rest caught up with us. We reviewed the snaps V~ had taken and we found this.....

V~...I salute thee...:)..
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