Friday, January 21, 2005

Super'Sit' Me

A new addiction that I've 'acquired' has forced me to remain THIS dormant in the blog world.The last couple of months have been quite an eye-opening experience, I have succesfully managed to temporarily 'subdue'(yeah..subdue would be apt), a few of my vices. But I guess as the wise put it,'to be a man of virtue, you need to acquaint yourself with vice first'.And so began my new addiction.

It all began that fateful day, when I convinced my room mate to make a 400$ investment.I still remember that 'Oh!WHat a deal, you wouldnt regret this!', I think the man upstairs heard that, and he is making me eat those words now!!. I've been telling myself its a phase that everybody goes through here, but when one of my friends looked at some 'recent' snaps and commented 'Ok!!You're looking very 'healthy' world came crashing down on me, and I realized that my addiction was taking total control over me.A lot of them have written about this addiction, and I've read a few and laughed at their experiences. I mean, who could get addicted to those totally entertaining, unbelievably funny....SITCOMS??.

My body refuses to give up....I raise both hands high up in the air, and proudly proclaim 'ME'!!

See...I told you I'm addicted. Here's the list of 'SIT'-coms I've been watching off late

3.Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
5.King Of Queens
6.Malcolm in the Middle

And I almost always take a 'break' during 'Everybody Loves Raymond', just to make sure that life still goes on. And to ride out the post sitcome feeling, I end up watching 'Fear Factor', which makes me sick enough to turn off my friends 400$ investment( The T.V has become too powerful to be named ,more on the lines of 'it-which-must-not be named').And I've realized that I just cannot stand seeing people embarassing themselves in shows like American Idol, Fear Factor etc.I almost always change channels when they show somebody embarassing themselves on 'NATIONAL' TV. I cant seem to understand why though!

Ok, If somebody has gotten over this addiction and still has managed to get 'Cable' at home, please leave your contact details. I badly need some advise. In the meanwhile, its time for Friends!!
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